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Learning Olympic Discipline


In order to truly become great there are certain things that you have to do.  Sacrifice is one thing that anyone who wants to do something well will have to do.

Anti-Gang Video

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Anti Peer Pressure Music Video Discussion x264 from Travis on Vimeo.

DM 4 The Beat Bully- Geek’s Revenge

The Beat Bully- Geek’s Revenge


The Beat Bully- Geek’s Revenge

The Beat Bully is a rally cry and response to the act and spirit of bullying everywhere. It’s the emotional hip-hop outcry of a bullied young man who after years of being lied on, and having his name and reputation dragged through the mud he finally gets up the courage to speak out. The Beat Bully serves as an anthem for anyone who has ever been taken advantage of, lied about, abused, cast out or just made to feel less than they are. Feel free to use this song for classrooms and/or positive youth groups. The song is useful for those who are bullies and those who are being bullied as a way to see the issue from a different point of view. Through the song those being bullied can see “a light at the end of the tunnel” and know that they can overcome their pain. They will also be able to see that they are “Greater Than” their current circumstance. Enjoy!

DM Track 2- You’re Amazing

You’re Amazing

You’re Amazing

The purpose of this track is to assist youth in believing that they have value and the ability to succeed even though their situation may suggest otherwise.I want them to believe in themselves without having to have peers validate their importance.In the beginning of the song I paint the picture of a young person in a gang who continues to rebel when he has arguments with his mother.He soon learns that fast money doesn’t solidify a meaningful future.

  In this song I paint the picture of a gang involved teen who continues to rebel when he has arguments with his mother. He quickly learns that fast money doesn’t solidify a meaningful future.



 Keep your head to the sky cause’
They don’t see what I see
This for any haters in your party
This is your life keep
Grinding like you don’t sleep
Reach for the stars
And go hard
You’re Amazing!
I got my head to the sky cause
They don’t see what I see
Haters; they’re trying to lead from the back seat
This is your life we
Grinding like WE don’t sleep
Reach for the stars
And go hard
You’re amazing!

1st verse

          Seemed all a dream!
Gang set was known as a Guerilla Team
Got love on the corner
Counting our money streams
Click gave me love I wasn’t getting at home
All it took; was mom to cuk out
And I’d be gone
But what I didn’t realize
Was the truth
Real love’s when you pushing me; farther then you
On the streets they would tell me they’d die for me
But all I needed them to do was just fly for me
Why? For me!
Because if I fly, You fly! We fly together
Not dying in these streets for a rep in the ghetto
{But yo! They’re making money man!}
So make moves
Like a 2k12 Benz by the age of 22
That’s grabbing the bull by the horns
Once I get a diploma in my hands
It’s like I’ve been reborn it’s on
Get your head right!


Second Verse

 Stay in the pocket like a quarterback
This is your audible!
Flip it like an acrobat
Live your life and let them go
It’s time to get your swagger back
Flossing like a centerfold
Don’t worry ‘bout the haters
They’ve got you labeled
Like they’re interscope
Leave them guns alone
I gotta’ future I don’t need to tote
Open up my mouth
I’m making history
Like Obama spoke
You’re Class President!
We didn’t even have to vote
You might want to jot this down
So get a post it note
So what’s next
You’re future’s mapped out
Like an etch-a-sketch
They’re worried ‘bout a black card
You’re building like erector sets

 Now your life’s so icy
Like some new baguettes
If they tell you “Get your cake up”
Tell ‘em I aint finished yet
Hunger for the street life’s
Killing futures like west nile
Shaper’s here to mold your scully
Like the X-files
One of a kind like a freestyle
Graduation is your cash out
Where are your homies at now?

DM Track 1 SuperMan:Father Figure

The Digital Mentor

SuperMan: Father Figure

I created this track to literally be the lyrical embodiment of what a male role model or father figure should be. I have been blessed to have a father that has been my road map to manhood. My goal for this song was to pass it on to other young men who may not have that. The second verse of this song is especially meaningful to me personally because it touches on how my father and I helped each other during my mother’s fight to beat cancer. We were strong only through the tears we shed together and the support we were able to be for one another. I learned through it that a relationship with a father was and is priceless.

 Super Man: Father Figure ©


They don’t really know about us
 You’re the only man that I trust
Whenever there was a problem it was you and me
Father you’re my Super Man!
When I need you were the one
Just want to deserve your love
When everybody doubted you believed in me
Father you’re my Super Man!

[1st Verse]

No cape, No “S”
Across your chest
Know a lot of dead beat dads; I’ve been blessed
When it’s my turn, I’m ready pop
I’ve learned from the best; Yea!
There’s no me if there was no you
Still learning this grown man thing
Everyday I’m more official
When they made you they broke the mold
They’ll never be a deuce
Thoughts back got me remembering times like Michael
In high school, I’m cool
Even though we argue
 Heartbreaks to broken bones you knew just what to do
That’s why at my wedding you were my best man
Had my back while my future wife was holding my hand you’re the man in my life understand
How could I replace you?
I cannot repay you
You are like my angel
And if you ever need me father figure just say so!

[2nd Verse]

 Mom was in the ward
Machine assisting her breathing
We tag teamed all night
I’d watch so you could sleep and took turns crying
On God we were relying so not even for a minute did I worry about her dying
Like Stevie I wonder why
You’re my ribbon in the Sky
Keep the word that you speak as the apple of my eye
That’s why
When we argue I ain’t even mad
Every mistake that I could make is one you already have
It wasn’t easy being me
No mentors on my street
So you held me down like a fresh pair of cleats
When life started swinging and I started to swerve
You said batter up and taught me to pitch curves
 Though my name wasn’t junior I only grew threw you
I need you like the air to breath
Like prophecies
You speak to my future so I must salute you
Point guard my steps like Jays on a hoop star
You are, Super Man

Resource Q & A Super Man FatherFigure Final PDF

It’s My Year

To listen to a sample of It’s My Year click above:

It’s My Year! (c)


It’s Clear
It’s my year
If you ain’t with it
Then I really don’t care

It’s Clear
It’s my year
If you ain’t with it
Then I really don’t care

First Verse

Dreams started off small; ended up big
Guess that’s why I’ll never be a toys are us kid
Got grown up dreams; Looking to be a star
College is the only way that I’m a ball
Study hard no games; I’m official like Obama
Ain’t Tyler Perry so haters can keep the drama….


Graduation Inspiration ft. Trel

Graduation Inspiration

is a piece of my life

I want the whole pie

an everyday struggle

tell you no lie

been through ups and downs like ride at the fair

so stressed out I should have grey hairs

I’m steady pushing I will never let go

little faith can hold you down this I know

been grown mentally

adult issues as a kid

aint a fairy tale this is what I really did

me don’t cry sometimes

my emotions

the rain beat me down

me like erosion

Im’a make it to graduation

will see

harder than average

there was three of me!

Resource Q & A Trel Gradu Final PDF

You’re Unstoppable—Persevere. You’re Worth It.

To listen to a sample snippet of Unstoppable click above:


[First Verse]

…….I want to mold lives like clay

They call me Sha-Per

Like the sun you’ll shine

It’s time to get yours

Cause I got mine

Take it like it’s medicine

Hard pill to swallow but 

 Success is in the bag like Fab

I’m a model it

Told ya’ kid; Follow it!

This is your year

Every day you shine I’ll be right here

Like a shadow on your wall

Or your best friends call

Get your head phones out when the tear
drops fall cause

They aint ready for your come back

Hard to fold like ten stacks

  [Chorus ] 





[Second Verse]

High School

is like the same old thing

It seems homie with the money and the

Gets the girl and the world…

I live life in spring; every day’s new

And as your new mentor I say you live
there too

So when they test I can fall back

My mind fights for me when there’s

Don’t get mad much

He’s a diamond in the rough and your
princess cuts

We can do it together

Or divided, whatever!

 It’s how it goes sometimes

 Some ties gotta’ sever

Your future’s mapped out like the

The writings on the wall

And no one can do it better….

Resource Q & A Unstoppable Final PDF

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